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Fueled by ingenuity, creativity, and an understanding of people’s most essential needs. well-known portfolio of brands, including Depend®, Huggies®, Kleenex®, Kotex®, Vitality® and Pedo®, is an indispensable part of life for people in more than 175 countries and holds the No. 1 or No. 2 share position in 80 countries.

In KC Turkey, The project has been started to control all sales, discounts, trade promotions and all returns through channels in addition to control profitability based on customer/channels and products.

IT Projects, SAP, Reporting / jedox

Reports of processes such as Finance, Sales, CRM and Production are followed in Jedox. In Jedox; Important Finance reports such as assets, profitability, collections and aging have been prepared and all data can be analyzed thanks to various Dashboards. The number of production from each business unit and wholesale, retail and e-commerce sales can be monitored on a daily basis. In addition to these, monthly controlled CRM follow-up reports were also created.

IT Management has been also provided by us.

IT Projects, Production, Planning, Reporting / jedox

The reports of all operations such as production, order and sales of Arpas, which uses the highest technology in its sector and constantly invests in technology, have been developed on Jedox.

A structure has been created where labor and cost calculations can be followed in detail. Detailed and visually powerful Dashboard reports were created on the basis of channels, regions, countries, and customers. The sales plan is created and followed through Jedox.

IT Management has been also provided by us.

Budget Planning / jedox

ALPLA entered the Turkish market in 1992 when it opened an in-house operation in Izmir. In 2005, a new location was opened in Gebze, which also acts as the regional headquarters. Today, the region has grown to around 420 employees at 5 production sites. ALPLA Turkey manufactures PET bottles, preforms, caps for the home care, beauty care, food and beverage market. The core technologies in this region include extrusion blow moulding, injection moulding-PET and injection moulding-cap.

Preparing an environment where sales price details can be tracked on a customer basis, where raw materials, labor, energy, and other general expenses can be calculated and tracked;

Budget values can be easily copied, prices and all kinds of acceptances can be changed, new products can be added and the machine capacity requirement can be deduced in return, and how the result data changes can be monitored, as in the budget;

On the realized side, it is aimed to establish a structure where all profitability details can be tracked on the basis of Customer/Location/Technology.

Business Development, Strategic Planning, Budget Planning / jedox

TRPharm company, which started operating in Turkey in 2013, provides pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical health solutions together with its doctors, pharmacists and many other people.

With the Jedox project, it provided an structure where all business units of TRPHARM can implement strategic plan processes related to finance and sales processes.

Thanks to the Jedox project, the status and targets of all molecules and drugs can be tracked.

In the second phase of the TRPharm project, in addition to the strategic planning process, the budget planning processes were also included in the Jedox system. Thanks to the budget planning project, actuals and budgets can be compared and analyzed in details of cost center, product and country. In addition, all of the consolidation processes were carried out on Jedox.

Budget Planning, Indirect Cash Flow / jedox

İLKO Pharmaceuticals aims to be the leading company in the global competition by using cutting-edge technology in medicine and offering life-saving innovative products that enhance the quality of life through investments in manufacturing and R&D.

Reports were created and planning was made on Actual and Budget Balance Sheet, detailing of Actual and Budget Profit/Loss on product and customer basis, indirect cash flow, production costing and planning.

Reporting, Operational Analysis / jedox

Founded in June 2020, Elleair International Turkey supplies all hygienic needs from the youngest to the oldest with its GOO.N, Komili and Komili Bebe brands.

In the project that has just started; It is aimed to obtain detailed actual profitability data on a customer/product basis. In addition, actual productions and consumptions can be followed in quantity and amount in Jedox and operational analyzes can be made. It is planned to monitor the data automatically and instantly, thanks to reports such as prescription and wastage deviations.

Production Cost, Budget Planning / jedox

In Aisin, which produces the body, door and locks of all major automobile manufacturers, especially Toyota, starting from the sales plan, calculating the production costs on the basis of labor, raw materials, energy and general production expenses, taking into account various criteria according to all customer and product groups, and general administrative expense items. The Activity Based Budget Project, which was distributed, was made on Jedox.

Financial Reporting / jedox

Sodexo, the world’s 1st largest employer of French origin, provides quality of life services to 100 million consumers a day in 80 countries with its 427,000 employees.

In the project carried out at Sodexo Dubai, a structure was created in which the accounting data of 51 countries has been consolidated on Jedox, where financial reports such as Profit/Loss and Balance Sheet as well as the operations, projects, profitability and performance of each country can be followed both on a country and consolidated basis. Data has been gathered automatically on daily basis.

In addition to the project profitability made specifically for the country, the project profitability and payment performance of some customers can also be monitored on either country or in total basis.

It became possible to monitor the total budget of the company, and to make and monitor a Budget/Actual comparison on every basis.

Planning, Reporting / jedox

Natron-Hayat is a fully integrated unbleached pulp and paper mill in the field of production of various types of paper and paper packaging. The company was established in 2005 as a joint venture between Natron Maglaj, a member of Hayat Holding Group from Turkey, and Kastamonu Entegre.

Critical reports such as “Product-Based Profitability (P&L)”, “Sales”, “Balance Sheet” as well as “Sales Budgets”, “Production Planning”, produced by distributing all production and consumption costs according to machinery, energy and services, “Machine Capacities Planning” and “Procurement Planning” were also done through Jedox.

In addition, full cells obtained from different data are combined with Jedox throughout to report them. Thus, the most appropriate planning and management environment that can be created was prepared by keeping both the budget and the Full guidelines on a common platform.

IT Management

CSM Bakery Solutions is an Ingredient-Tech Platform offering customers innovative, effective and quality tailor-made solutions across seven multi-brand categories, ranging from traditional bakery through to plant-based and natural added value ingredients.

In addition to many projects such as warehouse management, instant tracking of production expenditures, order and collection collection from the field, customer relations management, CSM continues to provide support services for daily management and installed software. In addition, within the scope of the “Planning Project”, simultaneous execution of sales, production, raw material and purchasing planning processes was ensured.

Financial Reporting / jedox

It has been serving in the field of fairs since 1985.

Bringing together the representatives of more than 50 sectors with target market buyers in order to increase Turkey’s domestic and foreign trade, the fairs bring together thousands of exhibitors with hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

It became possible to measure the profitability of each fair which has many details covering more than at least ten holding companies serving the fair. Both individual companies and consolidated Profit/Loss, Balance Sheet and Budget reports have begun to be received.

All data were collected in Jedox after improvements in the account plan of each company that provides services such as fair sales, security, cleaning, food, architecture, and follow-up of projects related to each fair.

Planning, Reporting / jedox

TIMAC AGRO is a manufacturer specializing in soil, plant and animal nutrition/welfare.

For more than 60 years, TIMAC AGRO a subsidiary of the Groupe Roullier, has been constantly innovating to offer agronomic and animal nutrition/welfare solutions that improve agricultural performance in an environmentally-friendly way.

A Financial Reporting Project carried out over Jedox was performed at the French fertilizer giant that continues its activities in Turkey; existing infrastructure analysis, creation of standards; legal and management reports, monthly commercial reports, monthly estimated financial reports, cost analysis, location, pricing (data and parameter entry) reports were prepared and successfully completed.

Planning, Reporting / jedox

Loomis Türkiye, which is considered one of the most active companies in its sector today; It operates in 38 cities.

It provides money and valuables transportation, processing (counting + sorting + packaging) and cashing, ATM supply and maintenance services.

By importing and combining intensive operational and financial data into the Jedox environment, reports were created to meet the separate and common business needs of both the operations and finance departments.

At the request of the management, the Activity Based Cost Accounting calculation infrastructure was also established. In this way, cost and profitability calculations can be made at the level of factors such as branch, service type and customer.


Planning, Reporting / jedox

Türk Tuborg is one of the biggest players in the Turkish beer market with its international partnerships.

Support was given to the project, in which customers and products profitability are tracked on a dealer and point basis, where all campaigns, commercial, operational and financial expenses are allocated, all items in the Profit/Loss item are analyzed and set up one by one, the logic of each line has been understood and correctly constructed.

One of the most important features of this project is the calculation of the sales/flow difference while calculating the profitability; costs that are almost certain to occur in the future are also taken into account.

Planning, Reporting / jedox

Today, the famous and popular water of Azerbaijan, Sirab, is in great demand at home and abroad due to its quality. 

All operational and financial reports of Sirab, the leading company in water and beverage in Azerbaijan, were made on Jedox.

Detailed profitability and inventory turnover performance measurement reports were prepared. In addition, these reports have started to be created automatically by the system.

All sales and financial plans, KPIs can be entered and tracked with real comparison as well.

Planning, Reporting / jedox

EFECE GALVANIZ IRON AND CELIK INDUSTRY TRADE. Inc. It was established in 2000 and continues its production and commercial activities on metal products and insulation products. 

Detailed profitability, inventory turnover, and total presence, performance measurement reports has been carried out. Moreover, these reports has started to be generated by the system automatically.

The structure, where the field personnel can check the inventory status and follow up the order, exchange rate positioning, entry and follow-up of payment plans are also carried out through Jedox.

All sales and financial plans, KPIs has became possible to enter and follow with actual comparison

The management can access all profitability, customer and maturity-based order status and performance data via the Dashboard.