STS Danışmanlık

Business Development, Strategic Planning / Jedox

TR Pharm, operating in the pharmaceutical industry, started to monitor the Business Development process, which is managed from the project management application, on a daily basis with the Jedox system, and the time-dependent process of all drugs until the license stage was traceable. Various dashboard reports have been prepared showing the changes in the timeline of the projects in the business development process. A “P&L” report has been prepared in the strategic plan for the drugs sold and all drugs that are in Business Development and will be included in the strategic plan. In the strategic plan study, the “COGS”, “OPEX” and “Feasability” reports of drugs were also prepared on Jedox.

Production Cost, Budget / Jedox

In Aisin, which produces the body, door and locks of all major automobile manufacturers, especially Toyota, starting from the sales plan, calculating the production costs on the basis of labor, raw materials, energy and general production expenses, taking into account various criteria according to all customer and product groups, and general administrative expense items. The Activity Based Budget Project, which was distributed, was made on Jedox. The actual financial reporting was also implemented partly in parallel with the budget.

IT Projects, Production, Planning, Reporting / Jedox

In Arpas, where IT management is also carried out by us, IT projects are managed in many areas from production to sales, including infrastructure. In addition, all “Operational” and “Financial” data are reported in the Jedox project. In addition, according to the sales plan, it is possible to plan the next years on the basis of production technologies.

SAP & Other IT Projects, Reporting

In Zen Pırlanta, where all IT projects, especially SAP management, are managed, the development of many critical reports such as all “Store Profitability Reports”, “Asset Reports”, “Stock Turnover Rates” continues on Jedox.

Financial Reporting / Jedox

In this project we have done with Sodexo Dubai, a structure has been created in which the accounting data of more than 30 countries will be collected on Jedox, and financial reports such as “Profit/Loss” and “Balance Sheet” as well as the profitability of each country’s projects, namely operations, both on a country and consolidated basis.

Planning, Reporting / Jedox

Critical reports such as ‘Product-based Profitability (P&L)’, ‘Sales’, ‘Balance Sheet’ as well as ‘Sales Budgets’, ‘Production Planning’, produced by distributing all production and consumption costs according to machinery, energy and services, ‘Machine Capacities Planning’ and ‘Procurement Planning’ were also done through Jedox. In addition, Full cells obtained from different data are combined with Jedox throughout to report them. Thus, the most appropriate planning and management environment that can be created was prepared by keeping both the budget and the Full guidelines on a common platform.

IT Management

In CSM, whose IT Management is made performed by us, many projects such as warehouse management, instant tracking of production expenses, order and payment collection collection from the field, customer relations management, as well as daily management and support services for installed softwares continue to be provided.

Financial Reporting / Jedox

Thanks to Jedox, the profitability of the fairs organized by the CNR Expo company, which operates in the fair sector and includes more than ten companies, could be measured. After the improvements made in the accounting plan of each company that provides services such as fair sales, security, cleaning, food, architecture related to each fair, and the follow-up of the projects, all data were collected in Jedox. Both individual companies and consolidated Profit/Loss, Balance Sheet and Budget reports have started to be received. Most importantly, the profitability of each fair has been measured with an accuracy close to 100%.

Planning, Reporting / Jedox

Within the affiliation body of the French Timac Agro, the fertilizer giant that continues its activities in Turkey, projects such as Sales, Financial reporting, budget and sales plans follow-up carried out on Jedox, and support continues.

Planning, Reporting / Jedox

All operational and financial data are separately transferred to Jedox; In addition to the structure in which operational and financial reporting are made separately, Activity Based Cost Accounting, which is formed by combining more than one data requested by the management, was also carried out. In this way, the total profitability items of each customer were broken down on the basis of branches and the type of service provided, making it much easier to determine where the opportunities, if any, are. You can find the details of the project at this link.

Planning, Reporting / Jedox

Support was given to the project, which uses activity-based costing in its entirety, measures the differences between flow and sales, and reflects this on profitability.

Planning, Reporting / Jedox

In addition to the preparation of all operational and financial reports of Sirab, the leading company in water and beverage in Azerbaijan, on Jedox, sales plans and budget management continue to be made on Jedox.