STS Danışmanlık

Management Consultancy

STS provides Management Consultancy to its customers especially on Mergers & Acquisitions, Organization, S&OP, Supply Chain, Managerial Accounting and IT Management. In summary, providing.

We can summarize the services provided in management consultancy as follows.


Aligning Business with IT

First of all, by understanding the business and the need, the usage areas of the technology and the benefits in the current situation, it is supported in the preparation of the IT project map and then the implementation of the suggestions.



It includes all the technological and meeting calendars required for the alignment of the entire Production/Supply and supply chain, starting from Sales Planning, in terms of managing the S&OP process, which we consider to be the biggest key to profitability in today’s world. In the companies where this process is established, the positive effect on the profitability is seen in a very short time.

Management Accounting


We believe that it is vitally important to enable companies to see their financial data from different perspectives, especially profitability. To give an example, when a company that sells to three customers earns 100 TL in total, when customer profitability is seen with classical methods, they see that the profitability is also distributed on the basis of turnover, while the reality is that while the first two customers earn 100 TL each, they may lose 100 TL from the other customer. This example can be thought of in the same way for product groups. STS wholeheartedly believes that displaying the right data based on analysis will enable companies to make the right decisions and to use their resources efficiently.



As in all its services, STS presents an approach that starts entirely with the demands of the customers of the companies. According to this approach, the analyzes that start with the principle of creating the most accurate, fastest and non-repetitive processes of customer demands are considered essential in determining the roles and responsibilities in the organization.