STS provides BI & CPM solutions to customers that help them to see and understand the behind the numbers while enabling to make online comparisons with their plan, budget too. Hence, top management are able to see all they wonder instantenaously and run their companies much comfortably.

STS is representing Jedox in Turkey and Turkish Republics.

Jedox is easy to implement, cost-effective and enables users to start planning immediately due to its Excel-like interface, which is why STS chose Jedox. Jedox helps us to access real-time data from various source systems and create detailed forecasts, scenario planning and budgeting with Jedox, creating a 360° view of their data.

Jedox demo,

In summary, we are providing BI & CPM solutions by Jedox,


Preparing Reporting & Dashboards

Data from all commonly used data sources are collected and collated, and cross-reports can be prepared with related data in different environments.


Sales & Operation Planning

With Jedox, sales and expense plans can be displayed in the same report as the actual situation, allowing easy comparison.



Via Web, Mobile or Excel; The actual situation can be copied, a plan, budget can be created proportionally by using negative or positive percentages over the actual situation, top-down or bottom-up distribution can be provided while the budget or plan is being made.


Performance Managemet System

With Jedox, performance management projects of departments such as Human Resources, Sales and Production can be realized.


Detailed Managerial Accounting reporting based on driver based cost planning

By comparing each income and expense item received over the financial data with the transaction records such as each operation or service, the profitability on the basis of the transaction is calculated and the profitability of the parameters of the company such as customers, regions or branches is reached.