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What is Jedox?

Jedox is Business intelligence and performance management software.

(Germany, 2002)


Jedox are businesses that offer out-of-the-box planning applications that fit your business processes and needs. This solution makes planning, analysis and reporting smooth and easy. Delivered as a single, unified, cloud-based software suite, Jedox enables decision makers and business users in all departments to work smarter and more efficiently, accelerate and enhance business collaboration, and make critical and important business decisions with confidence based on high-value insights.

Used by more than 2,500 organizations in 140 countries, Jedox is transforming what businesses and organizations do for real-time planning, whether on the web, cloud or any device.

why Jedox?

Inexpensive Cost

Compared to many similar projects, Jedox projects are performed at lower costs. Jedox has its own database and is free to use with the product, so there is no additional cost for other databases.


Along with its unique and easy-to-learn report design interface, it can also be used via Excel.

Accessible (Excel, Web, Mobile)

Jedox reports; It can be accessed from Web, Mobile and Excel interfaces.


As it has a fully integrated/compatible database structure with the product, it gives high performance results. Working in full compatibility with Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) cards, it provides high performance in projects that require very high levels of processing.


Automatic data consolidation When pulling data from data environments, Jedox enables results to be obtained in a shorter time by sizing and summarizing all data in cube logic.

Data Reading and Writing

It can receive data from all data sources, as well as write data to non-Jedox systems.

100,000+ Users

More than 100,000 users and performance satisfaction all over the world.

jedox is used in 140 countries.
Jedox is used by more than 2500 organizations.
Jedox produces solutions for more than 20 industries.
Jedox has been providing uninterrupted solutions for 20 years.