Enabling Full Potential Value Of Our Clients

Design and implement accurate, granular, and meaningful cost, profitability, & value analytics solution (transaction-driven, actaul / predictive)

Identify and prioritize value creating profit improvement opportunities linked to high-impact key initiatives (Value Capture Roadmap Development)

Establish full potential growth and profitability targets and perform variance analysis along with root-causes (Target Realization Progress)

Facilitate scenario analysis (Upside / Downside) for top management to enhance organizational readiness / resiliency and risk mitigation (expanding EBITDA multiple)

Provide visibility into the drivers of value and performance (growth and ROIC)

Simplifying plannig, reporting and analytics

Reporting & Dashboards 

  • Single Source of Truth and centralizing diversified data

Integrated Plannig Environment powered by Jedox

  • Developing an integrated environment  to help plan various functional areas such as sales, procurement , HR, etc. 
  • Facilitating completion of full budget version in minutes

Performance Management System 

  • All KPIs can be automatically stored to Jedox

Driver Based Costing 

  • Detailed operating results by Regions  / Stores / SKU Groups / SKUs / Services / Vendor
  • Very high transaction volume and  # of drivers can be calculated through reasoneble calculation performance 

IT Project Management

Identifying project maps based on Business needs

  • Prioritizing he project in terms of profitability and efficiency

Effective utilizing the resources 

  • Cultivating the skills of the team
  • The contractor management, win/win contracts

Comprehending ERP thinking, Corporate Performance Management, Planning, Project, Management, IT infrastructure

  • Finishing full SAP ERP projects in 6-8 months 
  • Very high success, more than 95 %, end-to-end financial planning projects
  • Hands on experience of thousands projects